Celerway Fractus gigabit LTE router

1 LTE, 5 RJ45, 2 WiFi, 7 WAN. All licenses and warranty in 3 years

A smart router solution made in Norway. With 1x LTE modem, 5 ethernet ports and 2x WiFi, you can combine up to 7 WAN connections in order to ensure reliability, bandwidth and security for your services. All licenses and warranty included in 3 years. This includes a Nimbus cloud management for provisioning, configuration, and dashboards for support. Phantom software to make multi-WAN seamless is also included.



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Mer informasjon om produktet

Celerway Fractus is the perfect match for small businesses with special need for uptime and 4G backup. 1 x 4G modem, 5 ethernet ports and WiFi provide resilient and high quality broadband.

All Celerway products provide critical infrastructures with resilient communication and high quality, designed, developed and supported from Norway. A holistic approach to quality measurements in terms of collecting 50+ physical parameters and running innovative passive and lightweight active measurements ensure optimal and seamless load balancing and failover, also for VPN. The Celerway Phantom gateway ensures seamless user experience also in highly mobile scenarios.

The Nimbus cloud management provides easy mass deployment, config management, alarms, statistics, troubleshooting, GPS and real-time quality indicators on all routers and interfaces.

Software highlights IPSec and OpenVPN - Celerway Phantom VPN - Seamless handover and load balancing - Advanced and holistic quality indicators - Quota management - App-specific load balancing and handover - Linux firewall - Software-defined LAN/WAN ethernet ports - Locking of LTE bands - VMs for VPN termination

Nimbus Management Cloud: Kubernetes - 2-factor authentication - Rest-API for integration - Mass-deployment - Config management - SIM management - Statistics and reports - Alarms and troubleshooting - Support dashboards - Hierarchical group access - GPS tracking - Live quality status of all interfaces - Secure access to router UI
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