Neets Bundle - Welcome to the Room

SierraII, Tango, Alfa og Delta

With our Neets Welcome to the Room bundle we help the presenter get an easy meeting startup.

Today’s meeting rooms and learning spaces are incorporating more and more AV technology. However, this often ends up making it difficult for the presenter to use the room and to figure out how to start a meeting.

The goal of our Welcome to the Room bundle is to make a user-friendly guide that appears on the display as soon as movement is detected in the room. We believe this guide will make meetings more efficient and interactive as the participants can use the available AV technology quickly and effectively.

Great meetings start with a simple set-up procedure. It’s critical that the presenter is allowed to focus on content delivery and not be required to figure out how the AV technology works.

The bundle includes:
• Neets Control System - SieRRa II
• Printed label for the keypad
• Media player
• Easylux PIR sensor
• USB key including Neets Project Designer project file and a “Start Presentation” image to display
• System overview

Note: Cables, frame and back box for the SieRRa II are not included.

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