Neets Control EcHo, EU, Anthracite

8 knapper LED, IR - Rs232 I/O

Neets Control – EcHo provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms through an 8-Button Keypad with built-in controller.

Reliable and intuitive control system and easy to use. EcHo has 1 NEB port for expansion opportunities. EcHo fits most standard installations and is easy to install, configure and integrate into existing AV-installations.



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Small and economical control system
Easy programming by supplied Windows configuration software
Fits EU outlet standard
Perfect for classrooms and small meeting rooms
Press ONE button to start up your presentation.
With a control system this easy, anyone can start up a presentation without any introduction.
Trash your many remotes and simply use the EcHo control system for:
Interactive boards
Media centres
The perfect solution
The EcHo DK is the perfect solution for your conference or class room. It eliminates the need for a remote control, which often can be hard to find – if they work at all.
When choosing the EcHo the problem has been solved once and for all. The Neets EcHo is placed in the panel on the wall next to the other switches of the room and it contains a minimum of buttons - easy and manageable.
Intelligence "behind" the scene
The EcHo Control is intelligent but at the same time very easy to use. There are no complicated submenus or any unnecessary buttons. It automatically controls all the essential functions without your interaction. When you have decided upon the input source you wish to use, push the button and the rest of the process works fully automatically.
Extra Features - For your convenience
Level button with turn function and level indication
Real Time Clock: Pre-set functions and commands for your meeting room in your week calendar
Manage the screen, lights, blinds etc. in the meeting room
Multiply your button panel by adding extra panels
Attach motion sensor for auto power on and of
Attach alarm unit for theft protection of projectors
Easy to programme
USB front programming makes programming easy and quick. Just remove the front glass and you are ready to programme. Only a screwdriver is needed.
Easy to install
The EcHo control system fits into a standard back box and is fitted with phoenix connectors, making the installation as simple as possible. You also do not need a rack anymore, because the EcHo control system is so small.
Easy to use
The EcHo control system has eight freely configurable buttons as a standard.
Egnet bruk for fjernkontrollAV switch, Projection screen, Projector
Innput-typePress buttons
Knapper for bakgrunns lys
Antall knapper8
Innebygd skjerm
Innebygd batteri
LED-indikatorer for kommunikasjon
Vekt og dimensjoner
Vekt90 g
Bredde55 mm
Dybde17 mm
Høyde55 mm
AC-adapter bunt
ISV-sertifiseringerCE, FCC
Andre funksjoner
Tilkobling 1NEB
Våre leverandører - Info/Garanti3 År
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* EET kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for feil i bilder, beskrivelser og spesifikasjoner levert av Icecat
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